1.0 – 3.5 Tonne 8-Series FD/FG

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Advancements in technology and engineering help the Toyota 8-Series set new standards in the forklift industry.

With exclusive Toyota safety features such the System of Active StabilityTM and Operator Presence Sensing System, operators are assured of a safer working environment. A smart ergonomic design incorporates better visibility, reduced noise levels and vibration, and exceptionally comfortable operation. All this adds up to ease of use, reduced operator fatigue, and increased efficiency and productivity.

Environmentally friendly engines and exhaust systems emphasise Toyota’s commitment to the environment and outstanding fuel efficiency. Featuring the world's first System of Active Stability (SAS), the 7-Series pneumatic tyre helps reduce the number of forklift accidents to increase safety and productivity.


* Toyota SAS monitors key forklift operations, detecting and counteracting instability to help reduce the risk of tip-overs
* When it senses instability, the Active Control Rear Stabiliser locks the rear axle to help reduce lateral tip-overs
* Active Mast Function Controller senses and reacts to instability by limiting mast angle and speed according to the load's height and weight.
* The OPS system helps to prevent accidental movement of the forklift and forks when the operator is not seated at the controls. The OPS system senses if the operator is properly seated and at the controls by means of the seat switch. When the operator is properly seated at the controls the seat switch will go “on”.
* If the operator is not seated at the controls the seat switch will turn “off”, and the OPS system will disable the ability to lower the forks, or tilt forward or back along with all the other loading and unloading movements.


* SAS Automatic Fork Levelling Control levels forks with the ground for easier pallet retrieval
* Wide-view Mast offers an unparalleled view of the forks in any position
* Fingertip-controlled Electronic Shift offers quick, convenient shifting between forward and reverse
* Tight turning radius increases manoeuvrability in small areas with synchronizing of the steering wheel and angle of rear wheels


* Toyota's exclusive industrial 4Y Gasoline Engine provides fuel economy with minimum maintenance and low noise levels
* 2Z and 1DZ-11 Diesel Engine's 4 point floating mounting system reduces engine noise
* Toyota's hydraulic lifters help lower engine noise and reduce maintenance
* Optional maximum travel speed can be set for optimum performance as well as security while training new employees
* Increased structural thickness improves frame rigidity and prolongs service life.


* Ergonomically-mounted hydraulic controls allow for comfortable, "eyes forward" operation
* Adjustable, ultra-comfortable Operator Restraint Suspension seat with exclusive lumbar support for comfort and protection
* Spacious operator compartment with wider foot area helps reduce operator fatigue.
* The design of the Toyota 8-Series forklift is focused on improving the forward, downward, and upward operator’s visibility. The lower instrument panel, the relocated display, adjustment of the mast width and other factors ensure outstanding forward visibility on the Toyota 8-Series forklift.


* Integrated monitoring system for quicker, easier troubleshooting diagnosis and servicing
* Easy-lift engine hood with wide-access design and automatic assist damper provide quick access to the engine
* No-tool floorboard removes in seconds for quicker servicing
* Swing-Down LPG tank bracket makes switching tanks safe, quick and reduces lifting distance for the operator

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